Monday, January 26, 2009


A couple days ago I was waching some videos at You Tube and I found a twelve years old child who sent a great message.
The speech was created in 1992, but we have to listen it again.
This is the most pure, honest and beautiful speech I have ever heard and I put it here to share it.

El otro día cotilleando por el 'You Tube' encontré el mensaje de una niña de 12 años que me dejó un poco tocado.

El mensaje es del año 92, pero creo que debemos re-escucharlo de nuevo.
Es el discurso más puro, honesto y bonito que he escuchado nunca, y lo cuelgo aquí para compartirlo.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lions & Nobles

Buenas a tod@s,
Empezaré con una buena noticia y esa noticia no es más que la llegada de mi nueva extensión de visitante, la cuál esperaba fuese denegada o como máximo extendida para tres meses ya que es la quinta y en la oficina de Inmigración me dijeron que rara vez se extiende un visado turista depués de tres veces, pues bien 'error de la banca a mi favor' me han concedido la misma hasta abril del 2010. YëP@ !!

Por otro lado estoy parado, no tenemos trabajo y no me sorprende ya que mi campo es el más afectado por la crisis, mi jefe cuenta conmigo para todo, cosa que me enorgullece enormemente, pero si la gente no contruye casas yo no tengo tejados que construir.

Hace varios días, casi semanas me atrevo a decir que noto como todos mis sentidos me dicen que mi estancia aquí esta llegando a su fín, hay que pasar página , mover ficha y sinceramente me apetece un cambio.

Llevo en Parksville 17 meses y llegué aquí, a la isla de Vancouver con el único propósito de visitar a un amigo un par de días, nada más, Asi que veo positivo lo que me llevo de aquí. Pero como en casi todas las cosas... No sin antes hacer balance de mi experiencia aquí. Donde he hecho grandes amigos, no en cantidad pero si en calidad y donde he tenido la oportunidad de especializarme en otra clase de tejados que desconocía totalmente.
Así que esta entrada se la voy a dedicar a uno de los trabajos más complicados que hemos realizado aquí.
El más complicado de todos los tejados que he construido jamás y sin duda uno que nunca olvidaré.
Nos equivocamos al aceptar el trabajo, ya que lo único que nos trajo fueron complicaciones y más complicaciones pero, ahora, una vez terminado, estoy contento de haber formado parte del equipo de trabajo junto a Greg y Cody a quienes les dedico la entrada y como no, lo haré en inglés.

Lions & Nobles is the name of one of the companies we work with

I am going to dedicate this post to my work.
Job which I love even when the weather isn't as good as it does in summer.
We finally finish the 'Monster' we call this house a monster because it really is.
Huge roof, bigger than four houses together, 14/12 deep, and bad concrete tail, (made in USA), he he, theses Canadians don't agree much with USA stuff.
I mean it have all the extras you can offer to make the game harder!!

How do we find the roof before we start?
Easy question, there isn't!!

We have to check all the valleys, hips, joins out and as usual... Ask the framers to finish it properly. As soon as everything is ready for us, we start foiling.

We cover all roof 'truses' with foil. Foil is a really important part of the job. The foil is a material like Gore-Tex, good stuff! It’s waterproof and perspire. Similar to plastic but it’s not. It comes in a roll and it’s a two man work, so hard trying to do it just by yourself.

Some more pictures of foiling:

Next Step...

Strapping: Which means put the straps on, we use 1by4 boards and we lay and nail them to the truses under previous math. It's so important to make the same distance between the first row to the last row if you want to do a nice job.
Sometimes it's so easy, sucks!!

As soon as we strapped a section and it is nailed off the real fun begins.
Earl comes with his big truck and he brings the tile' pallets up the roof and we have to organize them by bundles of six tile, every single bundle is around 30 klg. How many bundles did we use?? Lots!! About 1900, yes 1900!! we are talking about... over 58000 kg is what we moved in six days, just think about it ... I'm tired!!

Earl and his truck

Lay in tile is the next step, just keep doing it, and leave some more tiles in the right spots for when we'll need them later (joins) to make the cuts with the grinder.

The Grinder

We push the tiles up because it's the only way to walk up the roof when it's 14/12 pitch.
The last cuts we usually do are the vents and skylights which we have to flash after to make them waterproof.

East View from the top

Great view where you can just see a part of the roof, and how we put the caps on. It looks like a castle, Isn't it!?

Harder 'mitter' ever.

We spent over two month to finish it all, and we were happy because we have done the biggest house on the island, so steep, bad conditions most of the time and nobody got hurt doing it.
Good Job!!

The Crew:

CODY What a lovely day ehh dude!! fricking rain!! hehe. I have to say it. He's an ex-skater and he was riding at the same skatepark as Tony Hawk. Thanks man you are a great teacher!!

GREG's Always making jokes and he's a firefighter as well.

And ME... just thinking about skiing, but that's not new, everybody knows it.

One of my favourites toys.

If you are thinking... Did we push this truck to the limit? hehe, yes We did, of course!!

Back side

Front side

This house will cost over 8 million Canadian dollars..... It's all about the money!!